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Oris Accounting 7

System Basic Capabilities

Management of Unlimited Number of Databases for Different Organizations

Database Migration and Converting from Previous Versions

Multilingual Database

Chart of account, currency names, reference information etc. (Georgian, English, and Russian)

Multilingual Interface

Georgian, English, and Russian

Data Storage in Unicode and Keyboard KA Layout

Simultaneous Access of Multiple Users with the Same Database

Both in the local and global network (VPN, Terminal)

User Permissions

Definition of both interface and data access

Simultaneous Maintenance of accounting and Managerial Accounting

The execution of managerial transactions leads to the automatic execution of their corresponding accounting transactions

Drill down Mechanism in the Results forms

Access to the primary source of the result

Split the selected period in the Results forms

By year, quarter, month etc.

Filtering, Sorting and Grouping of Information in Data Grids

Data Export

Excel (xlsx), text (txt), xml, comma separated values (csv) and clipboard

Data Import

From xlsx, txt, xml, csv files and clipboard, with the ability to add and replace information

Bulk Update

Storing Binary Documents in the Database

Various type of documents, contracts, personal documents, etc. (doc, xls, pdf files) are stored and linked to the operations, items and debtors/creditors.

Complete Logging of user’s operation

For each record in the database, information is stored about, which user, at what time added, updated or deleted the record, by saving its complete values

Built-in Programming Macro Language

Users can manage their own operations, reports, information export, import, etc. by using this tool

Business and interface object libraries

Used for API programming

Online and Offline link

With Revenue Service, State Treasury, banks


Maintenance of Various Charts of Accounts according to the type of legal entity

Public, entrepreneurial, microfinance

Recording Transactions Using T Accounts

Both financial and quantitative accounting (using FIFO/LIFO/Average methods of write-off)

Link Transactions to Each Other

Cost Centers Maintenance

Location of warehouses, items, shops, etc.

Cost Center groups Maintenance

In order to maintain total cost of items

Cost Unit Maintenance

Recording income and expenditure categories

Double Register (Reporting) Currency

Revaluation of account balances in both register currencies, consolidated results
based on both register currencies

Currency Maintenance in Accounting Transactions

Fixed exchange rate and both register equivalents by nominal amounts

Importing Exchange Rates Automatically

Automatic calculation of the exchange rate with the cross rate in the second register currency and graphical display of the exchange rates dynamics

Various Managerial Transactions

  • Bank transfers1
  • Bank transfers (foreign currency) 1
  • Cash income orders
  • Cash outlay orders
  • Pro forma invoices
  • Accept operations2
  • Transfer operations2
  • Supply operations2,3,4
  • Retail sale3,4
  • Write-off operations
  • Return to supplier operations2
  • Return from customer operations2
    • 1 - Online and offline uploading of the orders to the bank
    • 2 - Download/Upload of waybills, invoices, tax documents from/to the Revenue Service
    • 3 - The item sale price is formed according to the sale price types
    • 4 - It is possible to select an item using FEFO (First Expired First Out) method in supply operation

Various macro transactions

  • Conversion
  • Import expense/income accrual from Excel
  • Online and offline import of bank statement
  • Offline import of payments and in-payments from treasury
  • Maintenance of advance payment VAT
  • Comparison of Revenue Service documents with Oris Accounting documents
  • Maintenance of responsible persons on non-balanced accounts
  • An exchange rate adjustment and equivalent values recalculation
  • Adjustment of prime cost rate. Recalculation of write-off amounts based on quantity
  • Revaluation of balances
  • Overlap of debtors/creditors balances
  • Profit/loss overlap
  • and etc.

Accounting results

Results can be shown by date/period, currency, consolidated (both register) currencies, cost center, cost unit:

  • Balances
  • Turnover
  • All balances of an account
  • Journal order1
  • Cash flow1
  • Memorial
  • Debtor /creditor
  • Debtor /creditor turnover1
  • Trial balance
  • Profit/Loss1
  • Invoice items and expenses
  • Items written off by FIFO/LIFO method
  • Payment analysis
    • 1 - It is possible to split the selected turnover period (into years, quarters, months, etc)

Managerial Accounting

Item Accounting

  • Commodity, fixed assets, services
  • Maintenance of the various units and their links for each item
  • Expiration date
  • Sale price, sale currency, sale unit
  • and etc.

Maintenance of Sale Prices

  • Price types definition
  • Assign prices to items by types
  • Assign price types to cost centers and debtor /creditors
  • Automatic price formation in managerial supply operation and retail sale by price types

Managerial Operations

  • Pro forma invoices
  • Accept operations1
  • Transfer operations1
  • Supply operations1,2,3
  • Retail sale2,3
  • Write-off operations
  • Return to supplier operations1
  • Return from customer operations1
    • 1 - Download/Upload of waybills, invoices, tax documents from/to the Revenue Service
    • 2 - Item’s sale price formation by sale price type
    • 3 - It is possible to select an item using FEFO (First Expired First Out) method in supply operation

Managerial Results

  • Item balances by cost centers (warehouses, locations, shops etc.)
  • Item turnovers (by managerial operations), profit/loss, margin
  • List of managerial entries
  • Items in managerial and accounting entries
  • and etc.

Fixed assets

Fixed Assets Accounting

  • Depreciation calculation methods and various related values
  • Date of production, acquisition, placed in service and other dates
  • and etc.

Fixed Assets Maintenance

  • Depreciation
  • Revaluation
  • Disintegration / Integration
  • Managerial and Accounting information integrity checking
  • and etc.


List of Employees and Accrued Salaries

Recording information about employees and accrued amounts of salaries by month

Maintenance of Various Pay-rolls

Macro transactions for each payroll and correction of algorithm if necessary

Salary Calculation

Archiving calculated payrolls


  • Accrued form
  • Salary form
  • Employee statement
  • Premium form
  • Salary payment
  • Pension declaration


Manufacturing Design

Description of predetermined product and corresponding materials, overhead costs and services

Cost Driver

Indirect cost description for the purpose of percentage allocation to the product

Manufacturing Planning

Description of planned product and corresponding materials, overhead costs and services

Manufacturing Execution

Manufacturing reflected in the accounting transactions. Writing off materials and accumulating their prime cost, overhead costs, indirect costs and services in the production value.

Manufacturing results

Full list of materials, overhead costs, salaries in manufacturing design, planning and execution

Comparison of planned and existing material balances

Comparison of planned and used materials

Comparison of planned and manufactured products