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About Us


ORIS Co.Ltd. was established in December 1992.

The company specialized in developing financial software for several organizations. The company has developed and introduced several purpose software packages.

The specialists of the company do the following jobs for developing software:

  • Theoretical research of a problem;
  • Interviewing of the clients;
  • Become familiar with the similar foreign and local software packages;
  • Create a new system on the basis of local requirement and future perspectives.

The following systems were created and introduced by using the above mentioned approach:

  • Multi-currency and multi-user accounting system BankNet®;
  • Universal accounting system for small organizations;
  • Universal accounting system for large organizations;
  • The system for retail and wholesale organizations;
  • Goods exchange management system;
  • Share accounting system;
  • Bulling system for telecommunication company;
  • Air tickets accounting system.

Our company won international tender: "Automatization of Sacenergo accounting" in November 16, 1998.

The important help in devilling of the new system comes from experience accumulated during works on the already developed systems.

The merits of all developed systems by the company are the following:

  • They are easy for using;
  • They need short period for introduction;
  • They are reliable and flexible.

A high skilled personnel the greatest capital of the company. Leading specialists have more then 15 years experience in this business.

The personnel of the company consist from 10 persons. We invite other specialists also for developing come projects time to time.

The company has registered its firm and trademarks.